Dig My Garden Subscription Offer

Seed and Vege Garden Subscriptions. 

We love finding out what people are doing around the country in the Kiwi gardening scene and when we spotted this little gem, we had to share. 

Hilary operates Dig My Garden - a great gardening concept that helps Kiwis "get growing" and grow their own vegetables. 


It's a subscription based service, where you get sent seeds, or seedlings at the right time for planting with all the information you need about planting, harvesting and even how to cook the food you grow. Add tips on how to maintain your garden and it's the next best thing in "How to garden".


We met with Hilary online and we think we complement each other really well. She has seeds and seedlings that are a perfect match for a kitset garden. 

And it just so happens that we sell kitset Vege Gardens. 

We think our 1350x1350 option would be perfect for this. 

When you purchase a 1350x1350 Garden from our online store, hop on over to Dig My Garden and enter the discount code GETGROW10 to get 10% off the Summer Garden Subscription Box.

But hurry, the offer is limited to the first 10 customers who apply before the 22nd of October!

It's a perfect combination for growing your own vegetables this summer. With Get Growing and Dig My Garden, we make it easy for you! 

Buy your Kitset Garden here