Add some backyard style with a timber pergola or gazebo!


We think a timber pergola or a gazebo would look a million dollars at your place. They are beautiful structures, whether you go for an ornate gazebo or a simply stylish pergola, and this eye-catching appeal can enhance value and prestige. The good news is, even though they might look a million dollars, they won’t cost you anywhere near that amount. Gazebos and pergolas are affordable ways to make a dramatic visual splash.

While they add real class to an outdoor area, such as a back yard or a deck, pergolas and gazebos bring plenty of other things as well. Important things like privacy, shade from the summer sun, protection from the elements and the feeling that you’ve added another room to your home. Well, another entertainment area anyway. They’re the sort of places where family and friends will gravitate to while you’re hosting them. Question is…should you build a pergola or a gazebo? And what is the difference between them?

Gazebos are usually octagonal or round, while pergolas are square or rectangular. Gazebos have a roof, whereas pergolas have cross beams across the section; a half roof if you like. Pergolas have an open feel while gazebos can be more closed in through the use of railings around the structure; something to consider if you want to create something with a more private “room-like” feel. Finally, gazebos stand separate from any other structure, and while pergolas can also stand alone, they commonly link two structures together, such as a house and a deck.

So now you know the differences between gazebos and pergolas, which one should you go for? If you have a deck or patio that could do with a bit more “wow” factor, then a pergola is probably your best bet as it won’t overshadow the other features within that setting. If you want a structure in your back yard, maybe as part of the garden and landscaping, then a gazebo should be your preference. But it’s your back yard…do it your way!

Get Growing produce louvres, balustrades and trellis panels which could be incorporated into the design and construction of your timber gazebo or pergola. Discuss your requirements with and expert and they’ll reiterate the big benefits you’ll soon enjoy. Like an extra defined and functional space. A private area, especially when you use our framed trellis panels, our louvres. Year-round protection from the elements so you can enjoy your outdoor space whenever you like. And, of course, the sheer beauty of it all. In other words, an outdoor feature that looks like a million bucks without all those zeros on the price tag!