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Stake that!

Seeds and plants are not the only things you can put in the ground while you’re gardening. Stakes can also be firmly planted in the soil to promote healthy growth and keep things in their place. Get Growing stocks a range of stakes sourced from renewable New Zealand pine plantations: seedling stakes, garden stakes, and even tree stakes.
by Tony Brown on January 19, 2021
Tui in a tree

Five ways to bring native wildlife into your garden

The sound of birdsong in the morning is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts, while small critters like lizards and native bees will appreciate a place where they feel safe. With that in mind, here are five ways to bring native wildlife into your garden.
by Joshua Hewetson on January 05, 2021
Gift wrapping

Why homemade gifts are better than store-bought presents

A homemade gift is a thoughtful gift. It shows the recipient that you have put some real effort into making it instead of picking up something off the shelf.
by Joshua Hewetson on December 14, 2020
Vegetable gift basket

Gift ideas for Garden Lovers

We’ve solved so many of your gift giving dilemmas that we can hear you breathe a sigh of relief from here. All you have to do is remember those magic words: “Garden lovers love gorgeous garden gifts.
by Tony Brown on December 07, 2020
Staked tomato plants

Stake your tree the right way

This is a blog post about staking trees…or not staking trees. It might seem that all young trees need extra support but in fact, most trees don’t need to be staked. Staking trees that don’t need it can cause the tree to grow fewer roots and develop a weak tree base. They must learn to stand, or grow, on their own two feet.
by Joshua Hewetson on November 23, 2020
Fresh salad with cucumber and tomato

Cool as a cucumber! Your guide to growing them

Cucumbers really ARE cool. They’re the subtle and refreshing taste of summer that we all love, either in a salad, on a sandwich, or even in a gin and tonic. (Just a slice in your G&T mind you. A whole cucumber in your glass might look a little odd.) With all this cucumber love going on, you’re probably inspired to grow some. There’s no time like the present!
by Moses Hewetson on November 09, 2020