Gift ideas for Garden Lovers


Gifts for garden loves

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, this little tongue twister might help: “Garden lovers love gorgeous garden gifts.”  In other words, give a gorgeous garden gift to a garden lover and they’ll love it greatly. Problem solved!

Buying for the garden lover is pretty easy work actually, as there are so many gift ideas out there. For example, you can keep it simple with a lovely pot. The great thing about this gift is it will definitely be put to good use. As any avid gardener will tell you, you can never have too many pots. Other simple gift ideas that will come in very handy include planter boxes, garden signs, a gather basket or a good pair of garden gloves. Don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest gloves you can find. Look for a blend of quality and value, as garden gloves are vital in protecting against the venomous bites of feral rose thorns. Those things can take an arm off!

Every green thumb loves receiving advice from other people with thumbs of a similar colour, so you can’t go wrong with a gardening book as a Christmas gift. Like cook books, there are hundreds of gardening books on the market so you’re sure to find something for an experienced gardener who has a specialised interest, or for the newbie who wants a good general knowledge of what to plant, where to plant it, and when to plant it.




For something a little different, how about a birdhouse? Many gardeners love the thought of their patch becoming a haven for their feathered friends, so this thoughtful gift would be greatly appreciated. Get Growing sells kitset birdhouses which can be put together quicker than you can say “Chirp”. 

Speaking of kitsets, Get Growing has something perfect for the serious gardener. A kitset workbench! Some truly devoted gardeners prefer to do it all when it comes to enhancing the functionality and beauty of their patch. For example, they like to make their own raised garden beds, or garden furniture, or garden features. A decent workbench will make their job that much easier, so if you know a gardener with DIY sensibilities, we recommend you give this idea some thought.