Why homemade gifts are better than store-bought presents


A homemade gift is a thoughtful gift. It shows the recipient that you have put some real effort into making it instead of picking up something off the shelf.

Anyone can do that!

But it takes a special person to devote their time to creating a unique gift, so this Christmas be that special person and show how much you care.

Homemade gifts are better for several other reasons. They can be perfect, and different,for the person who has everything. You can be in charge of the quality of the gift rather than giving something that will fall apart as soon as someone utters the words “the warranty expired yesterday”. You can personalise a homemade gift with someone’s name, favourite colour or similar theme. A homemade gift is unique; there’s nothing quite like it anywhere in the world.And, if you want to get all practical, a homemade gift is usually less expensive. Whatever reason you have for presenting a homemade gift, the recipient will love you for it. We’ll love you for it. The world will love you for it.

Ok, enough soppy stuff. Now we have to actually work out what sort of homemade gift you can give.  Look to your strengths. Are you a good cook? Bake their favourite cake, or bottle some of their much-loved preserves.Give them a voucher stating that you’ll cook their dream meal on request. Food is always a winner, so you can’t go wrong with a gourmet gift.

Are you the handy type? Make a personalised photo frame, or ornament, or something that will come in useful around the home. Or, offer to do some work around the house for the lucky recipient. Maybe fix something that has long needed repair. Or paint a flaky, old fence. That sort of gift would be appreciated beyond belief!

Do you sew? Do you knit? Do you write poetry? Do you paint landscapes? Again. It’s all about looking to your strengths and using your own skills in the gift you create. Sharing your talent in the form of a homemade present will have enduring sentimental value.

While we’re talking about homemade things, Get Growing sells a cool range of Kids Kitset projects which will introduce your children to the idea of making something special by hand. Be it a birdhouse, a toolbox, a planter box or a treasure chest, your children will discover that putting something together by hand can be incredibly rewarding, even more so when they present it to someone suitably deserving. They’re never too young to learn about the joy that homemade or handmade things can bring to giver and recipient.

There is every reason to make it a very happy and homemade Christmas! Practical reasons to sentimental reasons, a gift you’ve made yourself will always be better than something you’ve bought with little thought or effort. So, do some DIY gift giving and we’ll all love you for it!