Decorative fence panels and how you can use them around your home


Fence panels are a quick and easy way to beautify your home. We’re not just talking about the traditional fence at the front of your property, such as the classic picket fence. We’re talking about a myriad of other areas and uses right around your section, and these include: 


  • Sectioning
  • Borders
  • Privacy
  • Decoration

Fence panels combine style and simplicity. The picket fence panels we manufacture through Motueka Pickets are a prime example. Pickets are joined to a length of upper and lower rail to form a panel. All that is required is for each panel to be placed in between evenly spaced posts. In other words, a fence can be built panel by panel, rather than picket by picket by picket by picket by picket by picket, and so on, and so on, and so on. 

This sort of simplicity makes our fence panels very popular. We sell lots of them to people wanting to create a classy front fence, and why not? We all want our home to make a stunning first impression. But we also encourage you to look at using fence panels in other ways, and in other places. By using fence panels as part of your fence-line and then throughout your garden, you can create a visually pleasing mirror effect, which will reflect very nicely on you. Pun intended.   

For example, picket fence panels make beautiful garden borders. They give a garden definition and shape, especially if you want to create a formal garden, and in the case of our Motueka Pickets fence panels, they can be painted to suit the colour pallet of your garden. How about a border alongside a driveway or pathway? Yet another way you can use fence panels in this regard. In conjunction with a picket fence at the front of a home, the overall effect can be stunning.

 Fence panels can also be used to section off parts of your property. This might be done to create a garden sanctuary, an outdoor dining space, a pet containment area, a protective zone for your prize winning Venus flytraps, or even to pretty up that corner of the yard where the good old Kiwi garden shed is located. If you’ve got young kids, fence panels can be used to make a magical and safe play area where they can’t wander away in the split second that you avert your gaze. Whatever your intention, fence panels make it easy to create a section within a section. 

While we’ve spoken a lot about fence panels consisting of pickets – and so we should as they are perfectly picturesque pickets – fence panels can be made of many different materials and offer many different looks and uses. Check out our pine louvre panels, which might not be your traditional fence panels but certainly provide the same sort of wow factor at your home. They can be a spectacular addition to any outdoor entertainment area, while providing great shade at the same time, and also act as a privacy screen when you want to keep your external activities to yourself.

 Pine Louvre Panels 

The point is, don’t look at fence panels as just an easy way to whack up a fence. Look at all the other ways you can use them, such as a way to add crisp, clean lines in your garden, or to section off part of your property. For privacy, or decoration, or down to earth practical purposes, fence panels are the quick and easy solution to what you want to achieve at your place.