Every big job starts with a peg


The peg might seem like a small and humble piece of timber but as every big job starts with one, its importance can never be overstated. The peg can be a strong support when you’re concreting, or a trueguide when you’re setting out a construction project or a fenceline, so there’s nothing humble about the role it plays in conjunction with other pegs. Experienced tradies know it, good DIYers know it, and the team at Get Growing knows it too. 

Get Growing makes and supplies pointed pegs for boxing, profiles, garden paths and general construction projects, and we make them in a wide range of sizes; from smaller pegs which are ideal for paths and driveways, up to larger bracing pegs for form work. No matter the size, Get Growing reveres every peg we make. In fact, we treat each one as a VIP… a Very Important Peg. Here’s why!

A builder’s pegis crucial when it comes to concrete framing/boxing. Boxing is the outer framework that is pegged to the ground and holds concrete in place once it has been poured. The trick when using pegs for boxing is to use enough of them. Don’t be stingy! You need to ensure you have the right number of pegs to support the boxing when the concrete is loaded up against it. If you don’t use enough pegs, and many people don’t, then the weight of the concrete could see the boxing ‘blow out’. It’s easier to buy enough pegs than it is to clean up after a boxing blow out!

Pegs are also essential in setting-out a building at the start of a construction project. They help establish the building line i.e. the profile and perimeter of the building,and ensure that everything is square and level. Pegs can also be used when stringing out a fence line, such as a classic picket fence. For these reasons,every big job needs to start with a builder’s peg! 

The pegs we make at the Get Growing are not just very important… they’re also very environmentally friendly. Our pegs are manufactured from timber sourced from renewable New Zealand Radiata Pine plantations. Our treated pegs are made for durability, and our untreated pegs are designed to save you money – you choose which is more important to you. And because they’re pre-pointed, they’re easy to hammer into the ground for boxing, profiles, garden paths and general construction projects.

No matter the project, Get Growing has the pegs for it so give us a yell about these not so humble pieces of timber. They’re Very Important Pegs and they’re very important for a reason. Don’t start any project without them.