You raise me up! 5 reasons to use a raised garden bed.


Get Growing sells a range of kitset garden planters, and we’re big fans of them for all sorts of reasons, which will soon become apparent. As a bonus, they’re made from sustainable timber sourced from renewable New Zealand Radiata Pine plantations. No wonder we can’t stop singing their praises. All together now –  “YOU RAISE ME UP!!!” …and here are five reasons why:

 Reason 1: The word that comes to mind when we think of raised garden beds is “Easy”. Easy with a capital “E” because the assembly is a piece of cake and doesn’t require a million tools, or an engineering degree. Once they are set up, you’ll notice how good they look. Raised garden beds, with that natural timber look and clean lines, can become a real landscaping feature at your home.

 Reason 2: Those empty kitset gardens need to be filled with soil, and this is another reason why you should consider them for your place. Because you are adding the soil, instead of using the soil you unearth when you dig up a conventional garden patch, you can choose uncontaminated, nutrient-rich soil to fill your garden with.  High quality soil invariably leads to much healthier and nutritious produce, far less weeds…and far less weeding!

 Reason 3: Gardening should be pleasant, not painful. Traditional garden patches really test out backs and knees with all that bending and crouching you have to do, and this can become a major problem as the years advance. Raised garden beds are more body-friendly, as you don’t have to make like a limbo dancer and go as low as you can go to tend to your garden.

 Reason 4: Our raised garden beds are very popular with people who are renting their home but still want to enjoy a garden. As our kitset gardens can be temporary, and easily disassembled, they can come with you when it’s time to move to a new property.

 Reason 5: Raised garden beds are perfect for beginners, who might be keen on the idea of growing things…but not so keen on the hard work often associated with gardening. Our raised garden beds are a perfect introduction to gardening, because they’re so easy to set up, and allow you to grow all sorts of things with minimum effort. Because you fill the gardens with top-quality soil, your efforts will pay off with a bounty of beautiful produce, which will just inspire you to keep going with this gardening caper.

 I am sure you can see why Get Growing not only sells, but LOVES, raised garden beds. They make gardening easy, fun and fruitful. They add a lot of aesthetic appeal, and reduce a lot of weeding and other hard work. Plus, the bounty you harvest is rich in nutrition and bursting with flavour. So, before Noise Control arrives, join the Get Growing choir with one more rousing and tuneless rendition of “You Raise Me Up!”