Bistrovic Table


The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Table

Bistrovic Tables x 2

The Bistrovic Outdoor Table was designed by our Dispatch Manager - Goran Bistrovic. G-Man as he is most commonly referred to, has a multitude of talents, among them, an ability to produce impressive timber furniture pieces. Over the past 6 years G-Man has been instrumental in refining our manufacturing process to a fine art. 

If we need something designed and built from wood, he is our go-to guy. 

Originally from Croatia with a background in joinery, G-Man was inspired by the traditional Kiwi outdoor table design and wanted to create something "chunky and impressive".

Made by bolting 3 sections of ex 150mm Radiata Pine together for the braces and legs, bolted and screwed with a serious amount of galvanised hardware - these tables have been developed to withstand the weight (and rigors) of several adults enjoying an outdoor dining experience. 

With their robust design made from high grade ACQ treated Radiata – they pack real visual impact, they are the centrepiece of any outdoor entertainment area.  Virtually indestructible, they will last for decades. 

Bistrovic tables are available in 2 sizes, a large 2.4m and even longer 3.6m option. 

 The Bistrovic also comes natural or stained. We will deliver these assembled, or kitset around NZ - direct to your site (provided it is accessible by a delivery company vehicle of course).