Buy NZ Made

The BUY NZ Made Campaign

Chances are if you shop at any NZ department store, you would have come across the New Zealand Made Kiwi trademark at some stage.

Over 1200 businesses in New Zealand promote their products with this symbol.


We’re proud to be a licence holder for the BUY NZ Made campaign. We display the NZ Made logo on the Radiata Pine products we manufacture.

To become a licence holder and use the iconic Kiwi trademark, a manufacturer has to be confident that the materials and processes used give the product it’s essential characteristic.

We think it adds credibility to your business. New Zealand businesses comply with legislation around a minimum working wage, enforced break times and working conditions – all things not necessarily enforced with overseas manufacturers.

If you buy goods with the NZ Made brand, you know that you’re contributing towards a fellow Kiwi’s mortgage payments or rent, their grocery bills and their children’s school costs.

Some of the stats the BUY NZ Campaign produce that were important to us were:

  • 52% of New Zealanders try to buy NZ made products wherever possible
  • 87% of New Zealanders recognise the iconic Kiwi trademark

We join other prolific Kiwi brands, such as Griffins Biscuits, Whittaker's Chocolate, Bata Gumboots, and Sealy Posturepedic Beds promoting our products throughout New Zealand and further overseas.

View our product range on our website, or in store at a whole bunch of prominent retailers across New Zealand. Look for the NZ MADE brand on our products.

The BUYNZ website has some great stories about Kiwi businesses, we recommend taking a look: